Two-year warranty period for Dialog kitchens

Your Dialog kitchen is accompanied with a warranty card.. This is our commitment which ensures your peace of mind This is our responsibility with regard to everything which we have recommended to you and for which you have placed your trust in us. Please read the safety requirements, the operating instructions and the recommended use. The warranty is valid when a warranty card is provided and subject to other conditions. We have also specified the cases in which the warranty shall not be valid Operating instructions

What is covered by the warranty??

  • 2-year warranty for furniture and furniture accessories
  • 2-year warranty for mechanisms, drawers and hardware
  • 2-year warranty for worktops and wall panels
  • 2-year warranty for "Dialog" lighting
  • 2-year warranty for the assembly and installation

Warranty service

During the warranty period Dialog services its customers through its specialized service.

This service is provided for furniture modules, accessories, components, worktops, wall panels (without the electrical appliances and gas). When a requisition is received (by e-mail, SMS or telephone) on the same day or not later than 3 working days the Dialog service unit will contact you in order to remove the fault in your kitchen. The requisition needs to specify the warranty card number, name, address, contact telephone number, as well as a description of the fault.

  1. First there are removed damages which cause irreversible damages to the kitchen: torn soft connection of the pipeline or PVC pipes, cocks, taps, sink traps, built-in dishwasher or washing machine hoses, unsealed silicon or water joint protectors, flooded worktops, wall panels, defective extractor hoods, etc.
  2. After that, there are removed faults in the mechanisms, drawers, hinges and hardware such as: breaking, dislodging, jamming, slacking, etc.
  3. This is followed by removal of surface defects: unsealed edging, damaged varnish coats, handle coats, etc.
  4. Last, there are removed problems with the lighting and glass, burnt transformers, lights and panels, broken glass, etc.


The removal of faults during the warranty period is carried out only for kitchens of the Dialog brand and only for furniture modules, components and systems which were manufactured, assembled and covered under warranty by Dialog LTD. The company does not render repair services of kitchen furnishing, parts thereof or water supply, drainage and power systems, extractor systems of other companies or people.

Servicing after the warranty period

  • Replacement of furniture modules, components, hardwar
  • Disassembly of old and installation of new electrical appliances and extractor hoods
  • Replacement of glass, lights, etc.
  • Regulating front elements, mechanisms, etc.
  • Disassembly and removal of old kitchen
  • Replacement of water shields, strips, silicon, kitchen accessories, etc.

Method of work in Dialog kitchens